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Free Play Arcade at 400 E. South Street in Arlington, Texas is proud to host the Titan Pinball 2023 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters IFPA Pinball Golf Event. This two day tournament will run Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25.

Titan Pinball has generously sponsored this year’s Southwest Regional Pin-Masters, providing $2000 in cash to the prize pool!

Pin-Masters is the IFPA Sanctioned Pin-Golf World Championship!
This event is a qualifier for the 2024 IFPA PIN-MASTERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Titan Pinball wants to make sure EVERYONE can win. Thus, this event has both A and B divisions and CASH will be awarded in both divisions! $1,000 will go to the winner BUT you don’t have to be a pinball wizard to win in this tournament: “B division” has significant cash prize payouts as well — so everyone has a chance to win! Additionally, after accounting for actual tournament expenses, all remaining ENTRY FEES WILL BE ADDED TO THE PRIZE POOL.

Order Your Tickets and Pick Your Tee Time Now!

This event is eligible, under the updated 2023 IFPA rules, for 200% TGP, “Events that have a separate Qualifying and Finals format now have the ability to grade out to a maximum TGP value of 200%.”– meaning MORE WPPR POINTS are available for all players.

– – –


Trophies or Quality Plaques will be given to top players in each division.

◘  First place player wins $1000*

◘  A Division will have Top 16 cash payouts

◘  B Division will have Top 8 cash payouts – The B Division will pay at least $750 total.

◘  B Division is restricted to players outside of the IFPA top 2500 so ANYONE can win!

◘  Prize pool for A Division will increase based on participation/entry fees received.

◘  Prize pool for B Division might also increase based on participation/entry fees received.

◘  Specific rules and details will be published on the DFW Pinball League


First Place will win $1,000 in cash! This includes $900 for winning the tournament and $100 intended towards the cost of entry into the 2024 IFPA Pin-Masters Championship. Also for the event winner, the IFPA will cover $100 of the 2024 Championship entry fee as well. (separate registration still required once made available by the IFPA). Pin-Masters is the IFPA Sanctioned Pin-Golf World Championship series!

Prize Pools are determined by number of paid entries plus amount from event sponsor minus tournaments costs. Final prize pool amounts will be announced on or before SUNDAY JUNE 25, once we have the final numbers. All stated prizes may subject to change without notice if needed (if something significantly changes).

Please note, due to IRS rule, the A Division winner will be required to fill out a W9 form before they can be paid. At the end of the year, Louis Marx will mail you a 1099 form as well. This is required for any single prize of $1,000 or greater.

– – –


Tournament Entry is $35 per person. Please note that you must also attain admission to the venue to compete either by paying at the door ($11.09 + TAX) each day during the event or by having a Free Play Membership. All games at this venue are set for FREE PLAY so no coins are needed.

Novice entry for those that want to play but aren’t interested in the money is FREE with paid admission to Free Play Arcade. This will be based on availability as priority time slots are given to those that pre-register with payment and/or those paying on the day of the event. Novices will not be eligible to receive prize money.

– – –

(per venue requirement)

(1) All children in Free Play Arcade must be directly supervised by a guardian at all times;

(2) anyone under 21 must vacate the arcade by 9:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.

This should not adversely affect ANYONE playing in the tournament.

– – –


(Noon to 10 PM Tee Times Available)

Each player must complete ALL holes/games. Each player may only attempt to qualify once.

On Qualifying Day, you only need to be present for 18 games/holes.

There will be 2 tee times available per 15 minute interval during qualifying. WALK-UPS WILL BE ACCEPTED for any slot times that are not pre-filled. There will also be a limited number of “FLEX” spots available throughout. Please note that walk-ups must pay in CASH ONLY and DIRECTLY TO A TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL. Thus, we strongly suggest pre-registering.

– – –


SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2023

Check-in for Playoffs starts at 11 AM. Playoffs will begin at NOON.

**** Anyone not checked in by NOON will be disqualified and replaced by the next higher seed present ****

The players with the lowest Pin-Stroke total after the qualifying round will advance to the Playoffs / Finals

Format details are shown later on this page, but the short answer is: The playoffs will be a Pin-Golf/Group Elimination style tournament in 4 player groups.

– – –


Yellow and Red card system will be used to enforce respectful play and behavior – if unfamiliar please ask. Specific rules and details will be published on the DFW Pinball League website.

– – –


Up to 2 people can be scheduled for each tee time. Time slots are available EVERY fifteen minutes from NOON through 10 PM. Tee Times booked/reserved will be viewable via website – specific details will be updated later. (that way you can see when they’ve scheduled and request to play with your friends!)

To book your tee time, please pre-register via the registration link. You can also reach out via email to Louis Marx, Tournament Director, at marx.pinball@gmail.com or send him a private message on Facebook. Walk-ups welcome based on availability, however, scheduled / pre-paid tee times get priority. Walk-up must pay cash for entry directly to an event official in order to facilitate an efficient payout at the end of the tournament. Pre-registering is highly recommended.

– – –


Again, this event is taking place thanks to the generous sponsorship of TITAN PINBALL. Please support Titan Pinball and use their products.

– – –


Primary Tournament Director: Louis Marx – marx.pinball@gmail.com

Backup / Assistant Tournament Directors: To be announced and subject to change based on demand and availability.

Each Pin-Hole will consist of a pinball machine with a TARGET SCORE. As in any golf event, a lower tournament Pin-Strokes score is better. The number of balls it takes for the player to reach that target score will represent the number of Pin-Strokes earned for that hole. Should a player not reach the target score after a full game is completed, a stroke value will be determined based on how close the player was to the target score at the end of their game.

For example, with a target score of 10 million points. A player will continue playing the game until he/she reaches 10 million points. If reached, the number of balls it took to reach that score will be recorded for that Pin-Hole. If the player fails to reach the target score after 5 balls are played, they will be awarded a score based on how close they were to that target:

8,000,000 – 9,999,990 points = 6 strokes

6,000,000 – 7,999,990 points = 7 strokes

4,000,000 – 5,999,990 points = 8 strokes

2,000,000 – 3,999,990 points = 9 strokes

0 – 1,999,990 points = 10 strokes

– – –

PLAYOFFS / FINALS will be a Pin-Golf elimination tournament:

There will be a check-in period from 11 AM to Noon on Sunday. Any playoff contender that does not check in BEFORE NOON will be replaced by the next highest seed among the competitors.

If a player knows they will be late they can reach out to Louis Marx by Facebook Messenger.

As long as the LAST group in your division has not tee-ed off we will accept that person’s entry. Just make sure that Louis Marx knows that the player is on their way – and don’t be too late!
Make sure we acknowledge your message. We are not responsible for tech failures! … even better, just BE ON TIME!

No more than 50% of the original entrants, in multiples of 4 players, will qualify for the A Division playoffs.

The B Division playoffs will be the same size as, or smaller than the A division playoffs. B Division will either be played on a separate group of machines or, if overlap is needed, A Division will get priority.

The A Division playoffs will be started before the B Division playoffs. Even so, ALL check in times are the same (11 AM to Noon).

– – –


No tiebreakers. Ties will ONLY be broken if such is needed to determine the final seed for the playoffs or if there is a tie for first place (in the finals). Tiebreakers will occur on a machine selected using the randomizer function at http://matchplay.events.

Should a player earn an extra ball, they will play it as a continuation of the same Pin-Stroke on that particular Pin-Hole. So an extra ball earned on ball 2 will be a continuation of ball 2.

Novice entry is FREE but novice’s are not eligible to win cash.

The tournament is open for anyone to participate in but priority will be given to pre-registered, paid players. Walk-up PAID entrants are also welcomed if capacity permits.

Tournament Directors are human. We do our best to follow the rules 100% and when in doubt we talk amongst ourselves and consult the IFPA rules. That said, all decisions are final and will follow IFPA standard rules to the best of our abilities.

Please note that poor behavior and/or language may result in a yellow card (warning) or red card (ejection). Anyone ejected from the tournament may be asked to leave and will NOT receive a refund.


Order Your Tickets and Pick Your Tee Time Now!