best. arcade(s). ever.


They called us crazy. Before Free Play, a venue with a great bar filled with arcade machines running original parts offering unlimited play was considered entirely, completely impossible. And when we told the industry we’d fill it up with all of the absolute, best games throughout history and work tirelessly to approach 100% game uptime, we were laughed out of the room. But we did it. Free Play Arcade has forever changed the landscape of the arcade world. The first of its kind and still the best, we work every day to make Free Play Arcade the best arcade ever.

awards and accolades

Free Play Richardson (Launched 2015)
D Magazine – Best Games, 2016; Featured Bar, 2017; Best Beer Bar, 2017-2019.
Dallas Observer – Best Arcade, 2017; Best Beer Selection in DFW, 2018-2019; Best Throwback Arcade, 2019; Best Arcade, 2022.
Richardson Mag – Best Arcade, 2015-2021.
Dallas Morning News – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, 2015 – 2020; Best Arcade in DFW, Best Bar in DFW, Best Sandwiches in DFW, 2022.

Free Play Arlington (Launched 2017)
Ft. Worth Weekly – Best Bar Games, 2017; Best Arcade, 2018; Best Entertainment, 2019-2020.
Ft. Worth Magazine – Best Bar with Games, 2020; Best Games, 2021.
Dallas Observer – Best Beer Selection in DFW, 2018.
Eat This! – Best Sandwich, 2020.
Dallas Morning News – Best Arcade in DFW, Best Bar in DFW, Best Sandwiches in DFW, 2022.

Free Play Denton (Launched 2018, Closed 2020, Relaunched 2021)
Dallas Observer – Best Draft Beer Selection in DFW, 2018; Best Relaunch, 2021.
Denton Record Chronicle – Best Place for Fun, 2022 – 2023; Best Sports & Games Bar, 2022 – 2023.
Dallas Morning News – Best Arcade in DFW, Best Bar in DFW, Best Sandwiches in DFW, 2022.

Free Play Ft. Worth (Launched 2019)
Ft. Worth Magazine – Best Bar with Games, 2020, 2022, 2023.
Ft. Worth Weekly – Best Entertainment Spot, 2020; Top Entertainment Spot, 2022 – 2023.
CultureMap Fort Worth – Top 10 Bar; Top 5 Patio.
Magnolia Living – Best Bar Food, 2021 + 2023.
Dallas Morning News – Best Arcade in DFW, Best Bar in DFW, Best Sandwiches in DFW, 2022.

The average arcade machine at Free Play is the video game equivalent of a concourse d’elegance 1950s automobile restoration, one of those Chevy Bel Airs which seem to have been assembled with tweezers in the same rooms where they make hard drives. The difference is that such a Bel Air is usually sealed away, well-guarded by velvet ropes and, presumably, booby traps. It’s pretty unlikely you could go up to the owner and offer him 10 bucks for a spin. But that’s exactly what you get to do at Free Play.”
– Elliot Wright, “No Quarter”, Central Track Magazine


Free Play was founded not due to the lack of arcades in the world but due to the lack of quality arcades in the world. We believe in delivering the best arcade games of all time, in the best condition, to everyone. No matter what it takes, we want you to walk into a retro arcade that has working games, running real components, just as they did when they were released. While other arcades find it acceptable to use knockoff parts, illegal emulator boards, and numerous other things that detract from the original experience, we believe that presenting these all-time great games as they were created is the best way for you to fall in love with them.

We also believe that a “best ever” arcade must have amazing customer service and feature fantastic food and drink. With a focus on beer and cocktails, Free Play has been hailed as having the best drink selection of any arcade ever and has been compared favorably to the best bars throughout the United States. Similarly, our “surprisingly good” food has elevated the expectations of arcade food from the depths of cuisine to something enjoyable, fresh, and awesome.

In every way, Free Play holds itself to the highest standard. We work every single minute to bring you the best arcade in history. You deserve nothing less.